Location & Hours

New to Downtown East? Love historic buildings? Drop by the oldest barber shop in Minneapolis for your free orientation and an introduction to the city.

Kitty-corner from the  City Hall clock tower, situated in the lobby of the historic Grain Exchange Building at Fourth Street and Fourth Avenue, we are just one block from the Government Plaza light rail Station.

400 South 4th Street #118
Minneapolis, MN 55415

8 a.m. — 5 p.m.

Brief Vacation

It was my birthday last week and my wife asked “Where would you like to go? New York City? Whatever you want old man! So of course I said “The House on the Rock.” Even my kids wouldn’t let me go there the last time we were on a road trip but now she had to comply. So off we went. We spent Sat. in Baraboo, WI and wow what a great little town. The Circus Museum was not open yet but they had a new distillery and we had dinner and drinks and walked the whole town. Next day we visited the Crane foundation and Devil’s Lake State Park–which Whoa! feels like you are in the Rocky Mts so no wonder they named it after Beazlbub. One minute you are in prairie farmland and the next you are down in what seems to be a volcanic crater surrounded by forest and water, nestled down into a bowl surrounded by towering peaks. Everything in central WI. is surprizing. We ate brunch at the Taleisin cafe–probably the best brunch I’ve ever eaten–cooked by the farmer who grew all of it including the bacon and eggs and in a Frank Lloyd Wright house! Can’t beat that–except you can because the House on the Rock, just down the street, is flat out the most bizarre folk art masterpiece in the USA. It took us most of the afternoon to see it and then it was on to Dodgeville for a night at the House of the Rock Inn. We stopped at the Don Q motel thinking it was our hotel and boy, were we ever wrong. Nevertheless, I’m glad I did because the Don Q may have been the strangest place of all. I’ll never know because we didn’t spend the night. Google it. Like everything around Dodgeville, the Don Q is beyond belief.


  • Haircut with hot lather nape shave
  • Beard and mustache trims
  • Easy-to-maintain haircuts and special requests
  • Flattops, high & tights, fades, ivy-league cuts