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Spending this month up at the farm trimming apple trees. I need to keep my skills up and they all need their spring haircuts! In my spare time I’ll be improving my watercolor technique too and I should have some new painting in the shop when I re-open in May.

Thanks to everyone who was extra-generous those last days before I had to close the shop. The shop will survive! Thankfully I have low overhead and only three employees (me, myself, and I). Having spent my youth as an artist and a scholar I learned how to live on beans, rice and novels. I am blessed with good health, a happy family, and optimism. I turned 63 last week and I’ve been thinking about how much easier it is now to suffer market downturns, illness, and defeat–having lived through similar (history never repeats, it rhymes) setbacks so many times before. Age might not bring wisdom but to survive one must accept suffering and cultivate tolerance.

Have a couple of new pin-ups in the shop–old calendars actually–and a Howard Baer for those of you who love obscure WPA stuff, “First Day of School.”


This website was created by Dave Skarjune (Word and Image). Thanks Dave! A true friend to small business.

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