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Spent last weekend touring central Wisconsin and we ended the trip with a visit to Wyallusing State Park and a drive up the River Valley all the way to Minneapolis. Wyallusing is at the confluence of the Wisconsin River and the Mississippi, high up on the bluffs and features ten mile views in three directions. Maybe I got the spelling wrong but tell ya what this is the most beautiful park–better than Frontenac even–along the river gorge. North of Prairie du Chein we passed Picatee Creek Rd–one of those little winding paths up into the hills of the driftless–without notice. I’d have never even known Picatee Creek existed except that today I had the amazing luck to find another Darwin Follrath painting (the poet of the driftless region) at an estate sale, which depicts a little farm on Picatee Rd. It’s a great painting and a compliment to the other two Follrath’s I already have in the shop. I can’t tell you how hard it is to find a Follrath, in good condition, at estate sales, auctions, or online. I am always on the lookout and this is the first one I’ve seen in about two years. The last one was in a gallery and cost thousands. I bought this one (with a Jackalope thrown in), for under five hundred dollars. And now I know where Picatee Creek is!

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