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The temp is hovering around zero, a stiff wind is blowing and the tailgaiters are packed into the few remaining open lots downtown. There are guys in fur hats and horns with purple faces and gold noses and gals in long fur coats and hats tottering about holding cocktails as unstable in their sorrels as they would be in heels. The music is loud vintage disco and the make-shift bars are fully stocked. Flatscreens under purple tents blare the Steelers game (they are loosing!) and there is a toilet behind the Bolt Bar with a Packers logo in the bowl. Help yourself.

I’ve put together a photo show of the construction of the new stadium, the armory, the new park and Wells’ towers but after today I may have to replace all that with the photos I just shot in the cold. There is a fully stoked SAUNA with half-naked people wandering in and out behind the Crooked Pint. Men and women with STEAM rising around them are sitting outside in web chairs. What a town! (Sunday, just before the Vikes vs Saints game).

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