Covid-19 and the global pandemic

The Grain Exchange Building is still closed to the general public. BRING YOUR PHONE. You can access the building at the 4th st. entrance by alerting the guard or by calling the barbershop. When you make an appointment for your haircut I will let the guard know that you are coming and she will be expecting you. If she is on break or away from her desk I will meet you at the door and let you in. As with all public buildings you must wear a mask to enter. This is the new normal. Many people in the downtown area are working from home until the Covid-19 pandemic is over. The management at MGEX has all but shut the building down until downtown returns to some semblance of normality and in my opinion (my very humble opinion) that means never. As a result I have the safest, most hygenic barbershop on earth although few clients! I refuse to close this historic shop–even though anyone with common sense would have done so months ago and the management keeps finding new and creative ways to keep people out of the building. I’m sticking it out! One thing I can say for sure is that you will have a relaxed and unhurried haircut, done to your personal specifications and finished with precision.

The Barbershop has a new HVAC system that filters out pathogens and is compliant with the new indoor-air standards required by the State and the Barber Board. We have first-rate security. Haircuts are by appointment only and only two people, with masks, are allowed in the shop at the same time. I have removed much of the furniture, antiques, books and magazines so that surfaces can be quickly and easily sanitized. The Grain Exchange Barbershop is a safe and sanitary place to visit.

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