Location & Hours

 There is only one entrance to the Grain Exchange–at the corner of 4th St. and 4th Ave. The doors are locked before 8am and after 4pm so late arrivals call 612-333-7426. Please call early in the day for your appointment. Tues.-Fri. 8am-5pm


  I will be wearing a mask and doing my best to provide a safe environment. We Have top quality Merv-13 air filtration.  This is a safe, hygenic shop!

Clipper cuts cost 20$. Fades, flattops, style cuts and beard trims are 25$. If you have long hair and need a shampoo and layered cut (or God Forbid, color) find a salon–there are hundreds of them. Salons don’t hire barbers–they actually have a different license and their stylists are trained to work in the beauty industry not in barbershops. I use some products in the shop but I do not sell products or force them on anyone. This is a Barbershop and I am a Master Barber specializing in ivy league cuts, shears and clipper cuts of all kinds such as tapers, fades and flattops. There are few shops that provide this service in the Downtown area and very few, or none, at this great price.

Please call early in the day, or a day early, for all appointments. Many last minute appointments cannot be made under the “By Appointment Only” format which the industry has adopted for the duration of the pandemic.

NO VACCINATION NO HAIRCUT. If every shop adopts this policy we’ll be able to recognize the anti-vaxxers by their crazy-hair. NO VACCINATION NO HAIRCUT.

Had my booster today and my arm feels like somebody hit it with a crowbar. Otherwise, fine.

Kitty-corner from the  City Hall clock tower, situated in the lobby of the historic Grain Exchange Building at Fourth Street and Fourth Avenue, we are just one block from the Government Plaza light rail Station.

  • 400 South 4th Street #118
    Minneapolis, MN 55406
  •  Call 612-333-7426 for your appt.
  •  Haircuts are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
  • The shop has a new, Covid-compliant HVAC system. Your visit will be safe, hygenic and comfortable.

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