Location & Hours

 There is only one entrance to the Grain Exchange–on 4th Street…at the corner of 4th St. and 4th Ave.– It will be locked, so call me or the guard (the number is on the door) and we will let you in. Covid precautions… wear a mask, make an appointment.

Most cuts cost 20$. Fades and flattops are 25$ only because they take longer. If you have long hair and need a shampoo and layered cut (or God Forbid, color) find a salon–there are thousands of them. This is a Barbershop. I specialize in ivy league cuts, clipper cuts of all kinds, fades and flattops. There are only a couple of shops left that provide this service in the Downtown area.

Management has decided to board up the building (except the 4th St. entrance) until the Covid pandemic recedes. If you don’t have a cell phone just call from home and let me know when you are arriving–or wave at the guard until he unlocks the door. Soon the pandemic will end, the boards will come off the windows, and life will be sunny and bright.

Kitty-corner from the  City Hall clock tower, situated in the lobby of the historic Grain Exchange Building at Fourth Street and Fourth Avenue, we are just one block from the Government Plaza light rail Station.

  • 400 South 4th Street #118
    Minneapolis, MN 55406
  •  Call 612-333-7426 for your appt.
  • New laws put in place by the CDC and Barber Board require that unvaccinated people wear a mask and that haircuts are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.
  • The shop has a new, Covid-compliant HVAC system. Your visit will be safe, hygenic and comfortable.

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